Your home is your mirror image. 5 design styles to suit differing personalities 

 Homes are a reflection of their owners–that goes without saying. We introduce you to the latest trends in design, including the one that suits your personality.

13 March 2019

Have you ever visited someone’s home and, through it, gained a better insight into its owner? Homes–those places where we live, relax and even have fun–are a reflection of what we like, what we don’t like, who we are and who we aren’t.

When you choose a design style, you are conveying something about who you are to people, and that is why there are multiple different trends to fit in with multiple different personalities.

If you are still not sure which is the right one for your home, we have drawn up a guide to decorative styles to assist you. Let us help you to pinpoint the style that best fits in with your personality.


CLASSIC LOOKS. A timeless trend

What does this style consist of?

Classic looks have evolved, moving toward more contemporary-look settings and away from those dark-coloured over-ornate ones. 

Now pure unadulterated materials, warm colours and objects with a timeless appeal are all the in thing. The aim is to mix and match them to achieve a living space with a warm, comforting feel. The main keys to this look are:

To combine different pure unadulterated materials.

To incorporate classic shapes, such as mouldings on walls, ceilings and doors.

To use simple yet elegant furniture and décor, erring on the conservative side.  

As a new innovation, to incorporate the occasional more modern object in these conservative-looking backdrops.

Perfect for…

Calm personalities, people who enjoy relaxing at home, reading in the living room or baking in the kitchen. With this fundamental design style, living spaces are given a more comfortable feel.

Cadord, de Keraben

Perfect for…

Calmpersonalities, people who enjoy relaxing at home, reading in the living room orbaking in the kitchen. With this fundamental design style, living spaces aregiven a more comfortable feel. 

VINTAGE LOOKS. For sophisticated spirits


What does this style consist of?
There is another way to pay tribute to the classics by bringing them forwardinto the present through vintage looks. The clue in this case is to maintain abalance between classic décor and some contemporary features so as to achieve asophisticated feel.Thislook is very similar to a retro one but with a strong chic allure. What are thekeys to it? 

·        Soft colours for both the background setting and for decorativefeatures. 

·        A strong emphasis on patterns and prints.

·        Striking decorative features. 

·      Restoredrustic furniture.

Perfect for…

Culturevultures and hedonists and even for those keen on iconic furniture. This styleis perfect for communal parts of the home where guests are entertained, such asliving rooms or kitchens. 

Trapani, de Metropol

INDUSTRIAL LOOKS. For stylish city lovers


What does this style consist of?

We live in a fast-paced era, where everything very quickly changes. Industrial looks are evocative of those 1950s New York warehouses, designed for the hustle and bustle of city life. This style combines a casual urban look with the attraction of exposed materials and cool basic looking backdrops. The keys to it are:

Open spacious living spaces with large windows.  

Exposed worn materials: brick, cement and steel.  

Exposed columns, beams, and piping. 

Robust innovative furniture.

Perfect for…

Those who enjoy today’s fast pace of life but still need a refuge in keeping with their personality. Industrial-look living spaces are dynamic and creative, like the people who live in them.

Track, de Metropol

JAPANDI. For adventurous free spirits 


What does this style consist of?

Japandi is a style that fuses Scandinavian and Orientaldesign, leading to minimalist settings in gentle colours (albeit a more variedspectrum than Nordic design styles) and materials evocative of nature, likebamboo, wood and ceramic. Its stands out for its:

·        Simplicity and décor with a lightweight feel. 

·        Clear-cut minimalist furniture. 

·        The use of natural materials strongly evocative of nature, in particularbamboo, paper and real plants.

·        Neutral and pastel colours.


Perfect for:

Free spirits, eager to see new things and in search ofconstant challenges. Bohemians, adventurers and more unorthodox souls (eventhose who hate labels) will feel absolutely at home in a japandi-style setting because it is inspirational, offering asensation of freedom. 

Touch, de CasaInfinita 

NORDIC LOOKS. Seeking a balance

What does the style consist of?

This is a look that has been very popular in recent years. In fact, Nordic looks are always a guaranteed success. In this case, the watchword is on luminosity, boosted by using white surfaces and furniture; warmth through a use of textiles and wood; and, above all, functionality because everything has a purpose. There are no superfluous frills. What are the keys to this look?

  • Simplicity, uniformity of colour.
  • Soft outlines.
  • A balance between organic and industrial materials.
  • Contemporary functional furniture in basic shapes.
  • Objects with a basic design, able to ensure warmth and comfort.
  • Pale colours, beiges and greys.

Perfect for…

Responsible practical souls. If you are someone who enjoys home life and being with the family, then look north. This style offers a balanced comforting feel.

The timehas come to enjoy your home and to feel represented by it. Just find the designstyle most in keeping with your personality and lifestyle.