The Evoque collection faithfully reproduces the colours and beauty of marble. Its different shades and finishes make it the perfect choice for interior decoration, both in terms of styles that are current and those that are more cutting-edge.

300-year-old oak trees. Heavy rustic trunks of wood used in boatbuilding, with old age rings and medullar rays. The staves of top-quality casks and barrels that contribute to the flavour and quality of fine wines. Welcome to Portobello.

Mixit, a new tile collection by Keraben, is inspired by a blend of three kinds of stone. Its tiles offer amazingly broad design potential, suitable for use in all kinds of settings.

In neutral and discreet tones, Underground represents a cement with embedded stones that transports us directly to a New York street. An urban proposal of remarkable personality, whose effect of continuity makes it ideal for metropolitan and industrial environments.

Mimicking the gently worn textures of traditional hand-woven tapestries, Keraben’s Tapiz collection is a work of art in itself. The simplicity in the design of the basic piece is perfectly complemented by the natural motifs of Art and geometric play of Concept decorative features. In addition, the palette of both vivid and understated colours adorns your walls with stylish elegance.

Keraben’s Rue de Paris collection features a graphic combination that results in an extremely attractive aesthetic effect. Rue de Paris manages to blend a mixture of sheet metal, cement and slate in a single collection. To enhance this dynamic effect, a glossy tint has been used to strengthen the graphic textures while at the same time bringing a more natural and realistic feel to the collection.

The Barrington collection transports us to the purest industrial style within the world of interior design. This option features a wealth of oxidized effects that meld the cement with the shine of metal, resulting in an elegant and realistic finish that is perfect for creating spaces with tremendous visual impact.

Naturwood sprang from the need to express the most intimate realism of nature. The Naturwood collection beautifully reflects the naturalness, warmth and softness of touch of wood in a ceramic piece, exuding an aesthetic that is perfectly attuned to the spaces in which it is installed, whether interior or exterior.

Keraben’s Verse collection is the purest expression of softness and harmony. This glorious option is comparable to the most beautifully crafted verses of a poem. A refined yet contemporary stone that imbues its surfaces with the serenity necessary to switch off from the outside world.


Industrially inspired, timeless concrete that endows the spaces with neutrality and aesthetic simplicity. Its worn effect, reminiscent of the simplicity of the floors of old factories and industrial premises, fits perfectly in cosmopolitan environments.

A heterogeneous appearance and striking magnetism is what defines Metropol’s Iconic collection. Its approach uses colour with a splash of gold and copper, which accurately embodies the colour of rust, brings an air of modernity to the material that is perfect for both contemporary environments and traditional spaces.

Woodfeel by Metropol unites all the charm and natural beauty of wood. Its exquisite wood patterns and textures arouse the same unique sense of affinity as its natural counterpart.

Mayarí, a Cuban city surrounded by charming valleys, high mountains and big wetlands, is a land of contrasts. The Mayari collection by Metropol is inspired by the city's lush natural surroundings, with a wood design conceived to bring warmth and distinction to a wide variety of different settings.

With its chic, bright colour spectrum, Fushion breaks away from the norm, infusing settings with personality and dynamism with genuine Art Deco flair.

Loussiana is reminiscent of cement, yet with a contemporary look thanks to the gently worn effect of its pieces: a collection that uses a soft touch to convey the industrial character of cement.

Yera encapsulates all the dynamism and elegance of quartz in a new collection by Metropol inspired by a river of the same name that flows through a natural setting rich in this kind of stone. And this is exactly the kind of backdrop that Yera creates, suffused with all the beauty and harmony found in the natural world.


Inspired by the purity and simplicity of white comes the Hikari collection, a perfect proposal for recreating spaces in a relaxed Zen style that seek to achieve the harmony and calm necessary to disconnect from the outside world. Hikari is synonymous with light, clarity, calm; an invitation to rest and reflect.

Human contact with nature produces therapeutic results as they share their common destiny: life. The Life collection provides that connection with nature, with life, through the essence of one of its most noble materials: wood. A unique design with soft veins and a finish that stimulates the senses.

In the purest industrial style, Gravity bursts into the interior spaces with more strength than ever. A transgressive metal, a metal sheet weathered by rust with a strong personality that helps to create modern and minimalist atmospheres.

The Sunstone collection is inspired by quartzite whose design combines the strength of slate with the personality of Bluestone. A very dynamic proposal that fits perfectly any decorative style, providing the elegance and timeless beauty of natural stone.

Silken by IberoCasainfinita is a creative proposal that arises from the combination of different textures: a spatulated cementitious base fused with textile weaves and handmade finishes. This fusion results in elegant, characterful pieces that are perfect for any room.

Wewood reinterprets the essence of fruit trees through light grain, subtle knots and compact fibres. The graphic work that simulates oak wood, together with the five colours that this collection offers us, creates a perfect harmony between the warmth of home and the most modern design.

A reinterpretation of the stoniest slates. A balanced and flexible collection. With a light structure and an important addition of texture. A fi rm commitment to sensory surfaces that stimulate touch. Terranova uses an elegant language made up of natural elements with broken and wrap-around contours.

The strength of cement, suitable for all spaces. Solid, the IberoCasainfinita collection that represents all the characteristics of cement; the simplicity of the industrial style with the ability to adapt to all types of spaces thanks to the softness of its design.

The Rossana collection is inspired by the elegance that comes from combining natural stone with romantic style textures. A fusion that, together with its soft colours and a subtle play of light and shadow, recreates exclusive rooms with timeless beauty.