New Nordic design

Trends either mutate or go out of fashion. In the case of Nordic design, the former has occurred. This look has been the in thing for the last five years and now is the time for a new metamorphosis.

10 January 2018

In the coming season, there will continue to be a careful balance between different shades of white, clear-cut designs, minimal furniture and the use of wood, but let us give you a preview of some new developments.

Floors will be pale coloured.

1. Nepal Gris 75x75 (Casainfinita)

Nepal Gris 75x75 (Casainfinita)

1. If you decide to refurbish the floors in your home, bear in mind that white flooring will be all the rage in 2018. We recommend the Nature and Nepal collections if you want to give your floors a “new Scandinavian” look. Don’t forget that white wood will be one of the latest trends in flooring and so the Village and Wood66 collections are also a great option.

100x50 Nature Bone

100x24.8Wood66 Blanco 

2. Leather furniture will be in fashion, but with a very aged appearance. Rescue grandad’s armchair from the attic because all leather furniture will make a comeback. You will even find designer furniture or décor featuring aged leather to contrast with that cutting-edge lamp. And a combination of wood and leather is an absolute must in new Nordic design. 

75x75 Track Blanco (Metropol)

3. The furnishings and the décor must all fit in with one another to harmonious effect. Get your tape measure out and make sure that everything is in its proper place. Nordic countries are synonymous with order and living spaces must be arranged in a clear, well-designed manner.

Inspired Grey 75x75 (Metropol)

4. A restful spot. Scandinavian living spaces tend to include a “retreat” of some kind. Make sure that your lounge has a place for you to unwind - for reading or having a cup of tea, or simply a comfortable armchair beside a window. A little time for reflection helps to combat the stress of everyday life.

5. One particular novelty is to add dashes of colour to living spaces, especially in the case of the kids’ bedrooms. Add a touch of one or two different colours as a contrast to the living space’s whites, blacks or wood colours. Remember that this year Pantone has chosen ultra violet as the colour of the year. If you want your home to stand out in trend-setting style, this is your colour. If it’s not the one for you, then pastel colours always go well with new Scandinavian design.

Spatula Soft Gris 75x75
Route66 25x70