5 décor ideas for kitchen design

23 March 2023

The kitchen is the heart of the home, the space where not only the most delicious dishes are prepared, but also where memorable moments are made with family and friends.

The trends of recent years have been aimed at opening up the kitchen, turning it into the center of the house and creating visual contrasts between its different elements. Looking for inspiration for your kitchen? In this article, we present 5 decorative ideas that will make it an even more special place.

1. Open the kitchen to the terrace

Our first idea for you is a kitchen open to the terrace. In this house in Gorgos, Valencia, a very special effect has been achieved by integrating the interior and exterior of the house through the kitchen.

Nature and interior space merge and this effect is enhanced by flooring inspired by natural wood, Wewood, from our brand Ibero. Natural light and ventilation contribute to creating a fresher and more pleasant environment in the kitchen.

2.  Create contrasts between furniture and flooring

If you want your kitchen to be impressive, there is nothing like playing with the contrast between its various elements.

It is indisputable how well the contrasts have been worked in Casa Masi, where the flooring chosen was Underground, by Keraben, in its White tone and the kitchen furniture presents the dark tone of Rovere Termocotto wood. By implementing this kind of combination, you will achieve an impressive visual effect, which will highlight details, creating a modern and sophisticated environment.

 3.Natural lighting above all else 

Proper lighting is a crucial aspect of kitchen décor and what better way to illuminate a space than with natural light? Creating a pleasant and welcoming atmosphere is easier when a lot of light can come in.

This is the effect achieved in this rural refuge in the Tramuntana, where the kitchen is open to two exterior spaces through large windows. Thus, in addition to connecting exterior and interior, they have obtained a source of natural light.


 4. Open kitchen, but not quite

The trend of open kitchens has advantages, but also some drawbacks, such as the passage of odors and smoke to the rest of the house. For those who enjoy maintaining visual contact with the rest of the home while cooking, a practical solution is glass doors, both fixed and sliding.

This solution generates an enormous sensation of spaciousness and illuminates the kitchen in this project designed with the neutral tones of the Terranova Gris 75x75 floor tiles by Ibero while allowing you to enjoy the company of your loved ones while preparing delicious dishes. With a window like this, you can turn the kitchen into the heart of your home, without transferring smells and noise to other areas.

5. Trust in white, but with natural touches  

The immaculate white kitchen is a trend that never goes out of style. White tones give a feeling of cleanliness and modernity, something that is undoubtedly important in a kitchen. However, they can also generate a cold environment. This is where the warm tones of wood play a fundamental role.

In this residential complex in Valencia, designed by Viraje Arquitectura, this idea was taken into account. The kitchen is located in an open space, includes an island to expand the workspace, and is designed in neutral tones, even as regards the flooring, the choice of which was the Inspired Cream 75x75 flooring by Metropol. In this homogeneous and modern space, the tone of the wood in the furniture and some strategic points such as worktop fronts add a touch of warmth and comfort.

We hope that these 5 decorative ideas for your kitchen have inspired you and that you have found a way to turn this space into the heart of your home. A place where you feel good, and where you want to spend a lot of time cooking and enjoying your meals and your loved ones. Dare to innovate by decorating your kitchen to turn it into the space of your dreams!