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How to save energy when lighting your house?

02 October 2019

Lighting accounts for about one fifth of household electricity bills. As such, we should pay close attention to this when we are planning the decor of our homes, as it can cause our monthly bills to increase inconsiderably if it is not properly considered. For this reason, in this article we will give you some tips so that you can light your home the way you like while also making significant savings.

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How to avoid badly laid tiles: tile joints

Recent trends in interior design and new technological advances have led to the development of tile products able to provide that much sought-after seamless look. This can be achieved with large-format rectified tiles.

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Keraben Grupo is working on the development of lighter weight ceramic tiles

Keraben Grupo continues to give priority to R&D and innovation, on this occasion by taking part in a new European project, LIGHTCOCE, aimed at the development of lighter weight multi-functional building materials. Behind the project is a consortium of 26 partners, including research centres, universities, technology suppliers and industries from 9 different EU member states. Spain is represented by 5 different bodies, including Keraben Grupo and the Institute for Ceramic Technology (AICE-ITC according to its Spanish acronym).

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