Keraben Grupo works to reduce waiting times for hauliers

5 July 2023

In order to improve efficiency,the company has launched the Truckload project, a solution for booking loadingtimes by appointment that will allow customers and carriers to have prioritywhen it comes to loading. In addition, carriers working for different customerswill also be able to group orders and pick up all the material in a singletrip.

Truckload arises as a response to a common reality in the tile sector: customers' purchases translate into loads of heavy, bulky and sometimes delicate material, which makes it necessary to take the necessary time to ensure that the material is loaded in perfect condition. 

With this platform, Keraben Grupo is committed to work efficiency, both for its customers and carriers, as well as for the company itself, by reducing waiting times and avoiding crowds. On the other hand, it will reduce the need for calls and emails to coordinate tasks.

 In addition, all carriers working for different customers will be able to group collections and know in advance the timerequired for loading. The use of the application to obtain an effective booking does not entail any current or future costs for Keraben Grupo customers ortheir carriers. 

Access to the platform 

Truckload is a website that does not require prior registration. Carriers can access their freight booking via a link received by e-mail. The registration process is simple. The platform asks for identification data, such as the vehicle's registration number, the driver's telephone number and acceptance of the rules of use, among others. However, it is also possible to book without a number plate or driver data; the number plate is used to automate the barriers and the telephone number is used to send notifications. Truckload allows appointments to be changed as often as required. 

Since the group renovated its logistics centre in Nules, it has been working on various aspects aimed at implementing a series of savings and improvements in the service offered to customers. For some months now, the company has been carrying out all boxpicking under cover, with the benefits this has for product packaging and order preparation capacity, which no longer depends on weatherconditions.

In addition, it has managed to minimise the peaks of product that it had stored outside. This factor, together with the previousone of picking under the roof, with grippers and at specialised stations,allows the company to reduce the number of broken parts and accidents in the work place.