Every-Day Cleaning of Wall and Floor Tiles

There are two main reasons why ceramic wall and floor tiles are so popular: their resistance and low maintenance. With just basic care, ten years on, a tiled floor can look just as good as the very first day. All that is necessary is to follow a few cleaning tips for its everyday care.

15 July 2017

Looking after a tiled wall or floor surface is not at all hard - it is resistant to water, damp and sunlight. Even so, some basic care is needed to keep it looking good. On this occasion, we will look at everyday cleaning, since after building or refurbishment work has been carried out, more thorough cleaning will be needed to remove any cement or plaster residues.

In day-to-day care, it is important to remember that tiles have a low water absorption rate and so cleaning products will not penetrate their surface. This means that if the products are wrongly used - in particular, if too great an amount is used -, marks or traces of the cleaning product will be left. For a perfect finish, use clean water and a neutral soap detergent, making sure not to use too much of the latter. If you just want to give the surface a light clean, perfect end results can be achieved with just water and a well-wrung mop. Water and ammonia are sufficient for stoneware or ceramic floors, while, in the case of porcelain tiles, their shine can be conserved by removing the dust with a dust mop and mopping the surface with warm water.

If, on the other hand, tougher stains need removing, like grease or drink marks, specific stain or cement removers must be used. In such an event, pour the product directly onto the stain and leave it to act for a few minutes, then rub it with a scouring pad or brush with plastic bristles. Never use one with metal bristles. Next, rinse it with water and clean the surface with your normal cleaning product. These stain removers have a high acidity and so they should only be used in specific cases.

Always take into account the manufacturer’s instructions when cleaning your tiled wall or floor surface. In the event of a query regarding how to clean walls or floors clad in Keraben Grupo tiles, contact us and we will gladly answer your questions.