Get inspired by these ideas for Mediterranean-style living rooms 

25 November 2021

The coast, the sea and the freshness of the breeze make us feel relaxed and offer us sensations of calm and tranquillity that we won’t forget once our holidays are over.

There is a special air about the Mediterranean coast and it is exactly this essence that reproduces the Mediterranean style in our homes. A decorative style that brings that feeling, of being in a perpetual holiday state, to the most intimate part of your home.

We want your home to speak of you, to breathe your very essence and be a reflection of your most intimate emotions. The peace, calm and light inside you can be reflected in your home thanks to the Mediterranean style.

Here are some ideas to help you achieve this style in your living room.

Natural light is the best decoration

The luminosity typical of the different Mediterranean areas is one of the main characteristics of this decorative style. We take advantage of the sun and the good climate of the area to open up to the outside, with large windows that let all the light of the Mediterranean coast into the house.

The windows also open the door to the freshness of the morning breeze, which cools the house and gives it that comfortable and inviting atmosphere.

The best way to reflect that natural light throughout the house is to make the most of the reflective qualities that white brings to ceilings, walls, furniture and accessories.

Leeds Collection, Ibero.

Neutral and very natural tones

The palette of colours present in a Mediterranean-style space is quite varied, but always focuses on neutral tones, which bring naturalness and a relaxed character to the living room.

Shades such as beige, white or light, polished wood are characteristic of this decorative style. Neutral tones that flood the entire room, from the floor to the ceiling, and which we can see in combination with patches of the blue of the sea or the green of the vegetation, typical of the Mediterranean area.

A very natural and relaxing combination of colours and tones that will make you feel all the calm and warmth of a Mediterranean holiday, in your own living room.

Stage Collection, Metropol.

Open spaces that connect several rooms

Openness is a fundamental characteristic of the Mediterranean style, and not only towards the exterior, but also between the rooms of the house.

This characteristic of the style is one of the effects of the passage of the Muslims through the Iberian Peninsula, which has left with it a strong architectural heritage.

Open spaces that connect different areas, allowing you to enjoy continuity, whose sensation of spaciousness can be increased by using a large-format, polished-look floor, such as Keraben's Underground in its White tone.

Underground Collection, Keraben.

Natural materials

Natural textile fibres such as linen and cotton lend a natural feel to spaces with a Mediterranean ambience. Other fibres and materials, such as wicker and wood, are added to this natural atmosphere.  

The Reserva collection by Metropol is a perfect example of the ideal flooring for a space with a Mediterranean atmosphere. With its natural wood tone, combined with the green of some plants and natural textiles, it will bring elegance and simplicity to your Mediterranean-style living room.

The power of simplicity

Simplicity and a casual air, typical of coastal areas, fill every corner of a Mediterranean-style living room. A space where textiles are perfectly disordered and where the naturalness of everyday life becomes apparent.

Artwood is the perfect Ïbero flooring for a room where you want to reflect the dynamism and spontaneity of the Mediterranean.

This combination will be ideal with the addition of harmoniously distributed neutral-toned furniture and a few splashes of dark colours, such as the black that features on the table in this design.

The beauty of the Mediterranean style lies in the spontaneity and freshness of the area surrounding the Mediterranean Sea. Neutral and natural tones, open spaces and luminosity are essential for your living room to perfectly reflect the key of this style.

Artwood Collection, Ibero.