Retail guide: How to decorate a restaurant  

19 July 2023

The decoration of a restaurant is essential to the success of the business, as it influences the customer experience. In this guide, we will show you how to decorate a restaurant in a unique and attractive way that captivates with its atmosphere and design. 

You want your business to become the ideal place where people want to come back again and again, and this guide will help you achieve that.

Tips for creating the perfect ambience in your restaurant

A welcoming restaurant, with a neat décor and a pleasant atmosphere, is key to attracting your customers and making them feel comfortable. Here are some tips on how to achieve this:

Decoration through lighting

Lights are an essential element in restaurant decoration, especially if they are small. You can play with different types of light, from warm lights to create an intimate atmosphere to focused lighting to highlight decorative elements. In addition, natural light is an aspect to take into account, as it brings warmth and energy to the space.

Acoustics: your ally

Sound also plays an important role in the decoration of cosy restaurants. Work on the acoustics of the space by using materials that absorb noise and prevent reverberation. This will help to create a quiet and pleasant atmosphere for your customers.

Transmit your brand through space

The decoration of your restaurant should reflect the personality and values of your brand. Use decorative elements, colours and textures that transmit the essence of your business and differentiate it from the competition.

Choose high-traffic resistant flooring collections

Your restaurant floor should be resistant to wear and tear and very easy to maintain and clean. Opt for porcelain floor tiles, which offer durability, quality and a wide range of designs and finishes to suit the style of your space.

Every corner counts: even the bathrooms!

Don't neglect the bathrooms in your restaurant. These spaces should also be carefully designed and decorated, as they form part of the customer experience. Make sure they are comfortable, clean and stylish, using wall and floor coverings that match the style of the rest of the premises.

Restaurants with amazing decor 

As well as a guide, in this article we want to offer you inspiration. To do so, we have selected two examples of restaurants that have been decorated using Keraben Group products. Thanks to the careful design and the products chosen, both have achieved a surprising and attractive space, which has become a real magnet for their customers.


The Tatel Restaurant, in Madrid's Salamanca district, is a modern and creative space where diners enjoy the richest Spanish gastronomy. In this elegant and sophisticated space, Keraben's porcelain floor and wall tiles play a key role. 

Tatel Restaurant

With a careful choice of colours and a style reminiscent of the 1930s and 1950s, the result is a warm and elegant venue. Even in the toilets, customers can enjoy a unique decorative experience. 

We hope this guide on how to decorate a restaurant has inspired you to make your business a unique and memorable space. Remember that decoration plays a crucial role in the customer experience and the image of your brand. So don't skimp on the design of your premises. 

With the help of quality products, such as those you will find in the different Keraben Group brands, you can create a welcoming space that will make your customers want to come back time after time. Dare to dream big and transform your restaurant into a unique space!