We reduce our environmental impacts

Five years ago KERABEN GRUPO calculated its carbon footprint in order to reduce it.

15 July 2017

According to the 5th Assessment Report by the IPCC (the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change), the planet’s mean temperature has risen by 0.78°C since pre-industrial times, an increase that speeds up as each year passes in parallel with rising sea levels. The origin of these changes are greenhouse gas emissions generated by human beings, and they must be stabilized.

With this aim in mind, five years ago KERABEN GRUPO calculated its carbon footprint in order to reduce it.

A carbon footprint is not only a means of calculating the greenhouse gas emissions generated by a certain activity, but also of analysing these emissions and drafting and setting in place an emission-reduction or improvement plan. In addition to its efforts in the field of reducing its carbon footprint, Keraben Grupo, S.A. strives continually to improve the energy efficiency of its processes and facilities.

Following a review and analysis of the company’s activities at an operational and administrative level, the positive impact of the measures taken and implemented over the last few years has been confirmed, with a 20% reduction in emissions compared to 2011.

Since the company’s foundation, it has been committed to the application of environmental management policies. Under the Blue & Green ensign and Keraben Grupo’s ISO 1400S-certified Environmental Management System, the company has introduced programmes to ensure zero wastewater discharges, CO2 emission reductions, controls of emission levels, waste sorting for recycling and treatment purposes, and a reduction in environmental noise, among other things.