How can porcelain tiles be properly cleaned? 

All porcelain tiles (i.e. all their finishes, colours, and non-slipversions) should be treated alike when they are cleaned.

18 May 2018

It is important to do this properly so as to avoid irreparable damage, not just to wall and floor surfaces but also to adjacent furniture and other areas due to the use of unsuitable abrasive products. Pay careful attention to the following practical advice because it will help you to keep your floor looking just like the first day for a long, long time!

1. Lots of water

Once the tiles have been laid, they must be cared for right from the first day! Clean the tiled surface with plenty of water. Although porcelain tiles have a very low porosity, it is important to remove any mortar/grout residues or dust from the tile-laying process to avoid a grimy surface.

2. Water + cleaning product

It is always a good idea to consult an expert, if possible the person in charge of laying the tiles. Some cleaning products can be too acidic and damage porcelain tiles. We recommend Deterdek by Fila. You can rest assured that you will have no problems if you use Deterdek. After applying it (and following the manufacturer’s instructions at all times), the tiled surface must be scrubbed with a brush with hard plastic bristles.  

3. More water.

After those few initial days, it will be very easy to care for your tiles. Always use more water than your chosen cleaning product.

  • 3 parts ⇢ water  
  • 1 part ⇢ cleaning product.

4. What about soap detergent?

No problem! Always use a detergent with a neutral pH. 

The pH scale ranges from 0 to 14. As a result, a product will be acidic if it has a pH from about 0 to 7 and alkaline if it is over 7. So should acid and alkaline products be avoided? Lemon and vinegar are acidic products that must never be used to clean porcelain tiles. Neither should alkaline ones be used like bleach or ammonia. Even though Google might tell you that they are suitable as cleaning products, they are not. Always use a cleaning product with a neutral pH.

5. Day-to-day cleaning.

Follow this procedure: use a dust mop + cloth and a floor cleaner. This is sufficient for day-to-day cleaning. Always avoid scrapers or metal objects (scissors, knives etc.) that might scratch the surface. And remember to use plenty of water.

6.  What about the tile joints?

Again, do not use sharp instruments like scissors or knives. A brush with hard bristles is perfectly sufficient. Scrub the tile joints and then clean them with plenty of water, and that is it! Your floor will look just as it did on the very first day.

If you have a question about how to clean your porcelain floor tiles, contact us⇢ HERE